About Us

Billy Caldwell - CCLA

Our Approach

We know the struggle small businesses have engaging new customers via social media. CCLA saw the need for the businesses to have great looking content, but on a budget that is reasonable. In this new world of digital everything, overhead costs for production have dramatically dropped. Quality has not. CCLA wants to connect with growing businesses and create some awesome content together.

Our Story

Billy Caldwell has been in the design world since the 90's. Creating graphics, websites, music, and videos for a wide range of clientele. Small music labels to real estate moguls, he approaches each project with unique imagery and branding specific to his client's needs. In 2010 he created Sparkplug Magazine, a small boutique lifestyle/music magazine where he really learned the ropes about social media and engaging the world with this new marketing tool. His goal now is to keep creating engaging content for clients he works with.

Next Steps...

Reach out and say hi, I promise we don't bite. Even if your just looking for some advice, we are here for consultations about creating and maintaining social media content and videos.